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Frizzy Hair

When it comes to hair, “Frizz” is THE F-word you have to watch out for. For most people, frizz is the number one hair complaint and the enemy of most all styles and looks. Some hair types are naturally more prone to frizz, but there are always ways to combat the problem. Frizz is generally seem when the cuticle layer of the hair shaft is raised, or damaged.
Since a lot of the problems that lead to frizz are related to dryness and damage to the hair, the best method to combat frizz is also useful for helping to combat the damage that is done in daily styling. Here are some basic care and styling guidelines:
Shampoo using a low-detergent product, which is notable because they don’t lather heavily. When in doubt about which shampoos would fit this category, try those for fine hair. Follow up the shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner, since well-conditioned hair is healthier and looks shinier.
After rinsing the conditioner from the hair, DO NOT RUB the hair with your towel to dry it. Simply take the towel and press it against the hair and scalp to blot away the excess water. When you rub the hair to dry it, the friction between your hair, the fibers of the towel, and the other hairs on your head can cause damage to the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. This can make the hair MORE frizzed.
While the hair is still wet, apply a liberal amount of smoothing cream, or anti-frizz serum to the hair and comb it through to the ends using your fingers. Follow this up with a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product through the hair. Once this is done, apply your styling products using the same method. This can be anything from styling gel to straightening balms, depending on your desired finish.
As for finishing the hair, the way you style the hair can have a big impact on the resulting level of frizz. For curly styles, it’s always preferable to allow the hair to air-dry naturally to minimize the level of frizz. Remember that the more you handle curly hair, the more “poof” you are likely to develop. If you need to blow dry your curls, be sure to use a diffuser attachment and the lowest possible heat setting.
For straight styling, you can let the hair air dry if your hair is naturally straight, or if you need to blow dry it to keep it straight, be sure to use a concentrator and keep the airflow directed away from the scalp – blowing in the direction the hair grows. This will keep the cuticle from being raised overmuch by the hot air. In addition, use only as much heat as is necessary, and use a flat paddle brush while drying to keep a small amount of tension on the hair as it is being dried.
For a super smooth finish (and to control that last bit of frizz) use a little extra smoothing serum and smooth over straight hair styles, or scrunch it into curly styles.
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