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Oily Hair

This is another common problem that is easy to help combat. When your problem is an over-production of hair oils it is important to keep the hair as clean as possible. This may mean daily shampooing in some cases. Just remember to treat your hair very gently when it’s wet to avoid damaging it.
Use a gentle shampoo if you’re planning on daily use – such as a baby shampoo – and shampoo the hair using very warm water, but follow up the shampoo with a cold water rinse. This helps to close the pores in the scalp and slow down oil production.
Furthermore, if you need a “between shampoos” freshener, try using a cotton pad and a mild astringent like witch hazel and swab the scalp where the hair appears most oily.
Avoid using heavy conditioning agents and oil-based smoothing products, since these will only add to the oily appearance of your hair. Furthermore, try to use a natural bristle brush once a day to brush the hair (but only when it is completely dry) in order to help distribute the natural oils in the hair along the hair shaft. Do not over-brush the hair, simply work your way from front to back along the scalp and then from back to front, until you have completely covered the entire scalp.
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