Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Asymmetry haircut on short hair is quite common among modern ladies. Nowadays it is represented by several variants at once. Let’s consider each of them. Asymmetric hairstyle is fashionable and beautiful, but this is not the whole list of important advantages. It can be safely complemented by the following advantages: it eliminates the problem of split ends; makes the hair well-groomed and healthy; gives volume to thin and sparse strands; thanks to the filleting and clipping of strands very thick hair becomes neat and docile, and others.

#1 A bob braid hairstyle

Hairstyle bob-care – this is one of the most popular asymmetrical hairstyles, it can be performed with or without bangs, classic haircut, in relation to the face, one side should be longer than the other, expressive, it is necessary to arrange carefully to be smooth strands slightly curled inside.

#2 Undercut

In the women’s version of the undercut, the temples and the back of the head are shortened more often than shaved to zero, but this does not make the asymmetrical haircut any less interesting. Many stylists consider hairstyles with shaved temples as the most daring and stylish haircut. Not for nothing many Hollywood actresses quite often make such a hairstyle and look always luxurious.

#3 Pixie haircut

A very current style deserves attention. Typical features of this hairstyle are several levels of length, oblique asymmetry, side bangs and one open temple. Pixie hairstyle has been in fashion for a very long time and is not going to give up its positions. The most popular variant is with one shaved temple. The meaning is that it can be of any width and length and can also go slightly to the back of the head.

#4 Asymmetry with shaved temple

Asymmetrical Hairstyle
Source: instagram @ annakuchkova

As you have already realized, the haircut is the presence of one or two shaved temples. Most often the variant with one shaved temple is chosen, then the styling options are much more numerous. Moreover, it absolutely does not matter what width they should be, the main thing to remember is that the longer the main part of the hair, the longer should be the hair on the temple.

#5 Bright hairstyle with bangs

Asymmetrical Hairstyle
Source: instagram @ mulhollandoates

The most successful haircut looks on girls with thick hair, as the meaning of the hairstyle is that the curls were voluminous. Therefore, the owners of thin and sparse strands of hair is better not to do such a haircut, otherwise it will seem that you have half as much hair.

#6 Bicolor bob

For medium-length hair, there is nothing better than combining shaved temples with a classic bangs-free brace or with a bob-cut. These hairstyles are best combined with a single shaved temple, which will create a bright accent. And in this hairstyle is also present coloring, which complements the image.

#7 Asymmetry on long hair

On long hair this haircut looks very effective, as it creates a contrast. In fact, in this variant of this hairstyle can be safely called a transformer. When the hair is loose, you may not even notice that the temples are shaved, but if you comb them to one side or put them in a ponytail, immediately this element of the haircut is visible.

#8 A long braid

The bob-cut with extension is one of the most popular hairstyles. Today, most of the socialites and celebrities prefer this haircut for themselves. Perhaps every girl will be able to adapt the hairstyle bob-care for herself. To do this you only need to choose a suitable type and length. In addition, decide on the types of styling that you like.

#9 Asymmetry with curly hair

Curly hair is both a gift and a curse. They require careful care and a huge arsenal of cosmetics. But one style lasts for several days, and you are always feminine and charming. The number of beautiful asymmetrical hairstyles for curly hair has already exceeded a hundred.

#10 Long haircut

Asymmetrical haircuts on long hair with shaved strands on the side to help visually elongate the face and create a real rock star image. Instead of shaving part of the hair you can also try to make asymmetrical hairstyle on long hair with braids. Versatility will appreciate the young ladies who want to regularly experiment with new styles.