Piecey Bangs. How to cut Choppy Bangs ?

Piecey bangs, also known as choppy or textured bangs, are a trendy and versatile hairstyle that have been popular for many years. This style of bangs typically features shorter, uneven strands of hair that are cut at an angle to create a textured, piecey look.

To achieve piecey bangs, the hair is typically cut in a layered or feathered style to create volume and texture. The bangs may also be thinned out with scissors or a razor to achieve the desired piecey look. This style of bangs can be worn straight or with a slight wave, depending on the desired effect.

One of the benefits of piecey bangs is that they can be customized to suit a wide range of face shapes and hair types. For example, those with a round face may opt for longer, angled piecey bangs to create a slimming effect, while those with a square face may prefer shorter, choppy bangs to soften their features.

Piecey bangs can also be styled in a variety of ways to suit different occasions and moods. They can be swept to the side for a romantic look, pinned back for a more polished appearance, or left loose and tousled for a casual, bohemian vibe.

It is worth noting that piecey bangs may require more maintenance than other types of bangs, as the uneven strands can be more prone to splitting and tangling. Regular trims and styling with a texturizing product may be necessary to keep them looking their best.

Piecey bangs are a versatile and trendy hairstyle that can add texture and dimension to any look. Whether you are looking for a bold new style or a subtle update to your current look, piecey bangs are a great option to consider.

An example Piecey bangs

The bangs are an important part of the hairstyle. It is worn by everyone, regardless of age. With its help, it is possible to bring something new into the image, without a radical change of image. It introduces a note of mystery, focusing attention on the eyes. Correctly picked up bangs can significantly change the image, to give youthfulness, to emphasize the advantages and hide flaws.

#1 Bright bangs

If you are not afraid to stand out, then pay attention to the bright multicolored shades on the bangs. Masters-colorists often experiment with the combination of two colors, creating an ombre effect, or even combine all the colors of the rainbow. In the first case it is better to choose similar shades, such as yellow with orange, purple with pink.

#2 Short bangs

Before trimming bangs very short, it is worth knowing who will suit this option, and who should avoid it. In fact, with any type of hair and any shape of face you can find an option! Short bangs are ideal for girls who look younger than their age. If you have a square face, the short bangs will most harmoniously look straight, which successfully emphasize the eyes and eyebrows.

#3 Cascading bangs

Cascading bangs can be of two kinds. Transitions start on one side, and the second option – in the middle of the bangs begins the minimum length, and at the edges is made a transition from less to more. Bangs are also called ripped bangs, with lengthening on the sides. Cascading bangs can vary in length and execution depending on the face shape and preferences of the woman.

#4 Cute sloppy bangs

Cascade haircut is a universal solution for all lovers of wearing short hair! Fashionable, comfortable, voluminous, and very beautiful. Cascade on short hair is the most versatile haircut, which helps to emphasize the advantages of any type of face, accurately and discreetly masking minor imperfections.

#5 Light bangs

Light bangs are called bangs, which do not visually weigh down the hairstyle. The element can be performed using a thin strand of hair. It is possible to make abundant thinning of thick bangs with filleting scissors. Light bangs are not popular on a mass scale but are not counted among the outdated models. The option is used while maintaining a stylish look.

#6 Simple bangs with long hair

Piecey Bangs. How to cut Choppy Bangs ?
Source: Instagram @ valerieesperanza

This type of bangs is recommended for women with a triangular type of face. Rare, elongated strands will smooth out sharp angles and make harsh features softer. The owners of a round or square face, too, should not abandon this model. In this case, it is recommended to choose a beveled, asymmetrical version.

#7 Wavy bangs

Piecey Bangs. How to cut Choppy Bangs ?
Source: Instagram @ parlorhairstudio

Wavy bangs help to create a romantic, weightless image of a cute fairy. Light bangs in the structure of layered hairstyles can be simulated. For this purpose, a strand from the upper shorter contour is combed out on the forehead or on the sides of it. The hair creates the impression of bangs.

#8 Bunchy straight bangs

The straight bangs, despite their apparent universality and simplicity, still do not suit every type of face. Also, in addition to this you need to consider several other factors: the shape of the eyebrows, facial features. There are many varieties of straight bangs, which will help diversify the image and are suitable for different hairstyles.

#9 A bang with a bob

Ragged bangs involve filleting. Ragged bangs are perfectly combined with a bob, bangs and graduated haircuts. Suitable for any face shape, depending on the haircut. Long bangs look incredibly feminine, but few people choose it, because it is quite impractical.

#10 Bangs with straight hair

Piecey Bangs. How to cut Choppy Bangs ?
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There are many options for haircuts on straight hair with bangs. The bangs can be a good solution for those who grow their hair. The main length remains intact, and the image can still be updated for the spring. If you think that the combination of long straight hair with thick straight bangs is outdated, choose long oblique bangs.