Popular Wedding Dresses in the Greek Style

Popular Wedding Dresses in the Greek Style
Source: Pinterest

Every bride dreams about this day and wants it to be something special for her. Although the first fantasies about wedding with all its attributes come to girls far beforehand, a real ceremony does not look like a myth. A bride is a focus of the party and she needs to be sure that everything about her looks and dress is just perfect.

Many women are inspired by Greek style wedding dresses as this trend helps look a little sexy and hide body flows one believes to have.  A classical Greek wedding dress is a model with long fluid bottom and nice sparkling pleating gathered beneath the bosom line. Luckily, Greek style wedding gowns do not stop on that. Online and retail wedding stores offer the whole lot of various designs and creative solutions.

Greek goddess wedding dress fits practically all settings:

  • A beach wedding
  • A mysterious forest topic
  • A vintage topic
  • A classical church wedding
  • A garden wedding

Even though ancient Greek culture has made a huge impact on almost all aspects of modern life, Greek goddess featured wedding gowns have become essentially popular only in early 19th century. Women were attracted with their flowing silhouettes and would rather choose a lightweight textile flowing in the wind than uncomfortable corsets and ‘stays’.

Popular Wedding Dresses in the Greek Style
Source: Pinterest
Popular Wedding Dresses in the Greek Style
Source: Pinterest


Popular ancient Greek wedding dresses styles are a one-shoulder (asymmetrical) Greek gown, a column dress, a tea-length dress and an empire waist dress.

  • One-shoulder dress

In asymmetrical Greek wedding dresses one shoulder commonly carries all folds and accentuates a rich pleating top gathered at some angle. Thus, one of favorites in fashion lines of a famous designer Vera Wang is one-shoulder gowns. The shoulder covered with fabrics often features a gem clasp. Different sash details such as zigzag folds combination or glossy decorations help a bride look great just as goddesses do.

  • Column dress

This reserved wedding dress has a straight pattern and an accented neckline thanks to light folds clasped on the shoulders. It is tight at the waist to create a flair bottom with vertically falling folds.

  • Tea-length dress

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