Vintage Wedding Dresses Cross the Centuries

The tradition of wearing wedding dresses in royal families goes far back into the 14-th century when the queen Philippa of England would be dressed in a silky tunic with cloak on top. But it’s far not the ideal vintage wedding dress pattern to be followed by the devotees of old customs. Many women are fond of latest collections made according to the images of Hollywood actresses and French sharp dressers. Their style has been long treated as the sample and a point of inspiration for influential and successful designers of wedding fashion.

Vintage Wedding Dress Patterns

Modern vintage wedding dress patterns are a classical implementation of vintage elements. Surely, they are not the same dresses used some centuries ago, since it is hard to find old clothing in a good condition, but they perfectly imitate basic features of a typical glossy wedding gown of the past.

The main symbols of vintage dresses are glamour, chic and luxury. If you adore the way Hollywood brides look, they you must take a close look at some vogue vintage wedding dress patterns or ask your design wedding studio to develop something of the kind especially for you.

Vintage Wedding Dresses Cross the Centuries

The image of vintage wedding dresses

Vintage wedding dresses patterns suggest straight silhouettes and slim line gowns. One more key point it this clothing is a deep low-necked feature and emphasized hips. Vintage style dresses are made of satin or other streaming fabric that ideally shows all tender and smooth curves of feminine body. Every lady will look elegant and attractive in this traditionally creamy or white cloth ‘from the past’. The combination of various kinds of fabrics and elements like satin and lace sometimes make women look extravagant and mysterious and that’s the whole point of still popular vintage fashion.

One of the main benefits of vintage vogue wedding dress patterns is adaptation to all attractions of woman’s figure. Vintage wedding gowns will suit girls with a sand glass figure. Long skirt will fit women with triangle or pear figure type. Close fit off shoulder skater dresses will all be perfect for possessors of the mentioned figure types.

Wedding dresses from the 40-s

Vintage wedding dress sewing patterns borrowed from the 40-s are universal for all women, disregarding their body type. There are two popular models over these years. One of them is a feminine cut with poofy skirts and corset and another one is straight tight to the waist dress. Today such models win the hearts of brides and bridegrooms all over the world.

Vintage Wedding Dresses Cross the CenturiesA special magic in wedding dress patterns, vintage fashion, is that they render the traditions of our family tree and help penetrate into the wedding culture of our grannies and older generations with a sort of modern flavor. However, vintage is not devoid of weirdness. The bride may wear a wedding veil of an incredible length or, vice versa, be without it at all.

Women preferring vintage lace wedding dress patterns are not afraid to stand out in the crowd, to join the experiments, to follow the latest fashion tendencies and to appreciate Hollywood sharp dressers of the 20s-60s.

When talking about vintage wedding dress patterns, vogue comes to its key point: everything new is long forgotten old of the best 20-th century designers. And everything old can’t be forgotten. Classical dresses always look great and vintage glamour adds a kind of special expressiveness to it. In order to make a vintage gown more romantic, it is enough to put on a jacket, a cloak or a veil and add some jewelry. One thing every woman should remember is that beauty comes from your soul. Create your own vintage wedding style using the experience of previous centuries!