A Few Facts about Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

A Few Facts about Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Coloring the hair is one of right ways for changing your looks. If some girls prefer highlights and two-tone coloring, others want to see more natural shades on their hair. As many colorists admit, red is top trend now. It doesn’t mean that you have to grab the first pack of dye you see in the nearest beauty shop and color the hair. First of all, you need to know what colors will go well with your skin and eyes. In this article we will consider the type of ladies who can easily carry strawberry blonde hair color.

Basically, all people are divided into two categories by complexion, i.e. warm-toned and cool-toned. Strawberry blonde/honey blonde, one of the rarest natural colors, works well for warm-toned persons. So let’s start with description of their distinctive features. ‘Warm’ people are supposed to have hazel, green, golden-brown or green-blue eyes. Their skin is light, with red or pink undertones. They often have freckles. Nicole Kidman is among celebrities who prefer light strawberry blonde hair color.

Nowadays strawberry blonde hair is not just a preference of separate people. It’s a common trend for thousands of women who would like to experiment and make a magical transformation to their appearance. Moreover, if one is not sure about right hair color, the marking of dyes offers a variety of washable hues like semi-permanent coloring kits.

A Few Facts about Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Ladies, who find strawberry blond color, put forward the following reasons for choosing it:

  •  It’s two worlds put together

Do you hesitate between red and blonde? With strawberry blonde you get a little of both worlds. The boldness of red is mixed with tender blonde to create a unique image you will be exited with. If you wear a natural blonde hair, try to make strawberry blonde highlights and create a new you with just a couple of dyed strands.

  • With the best strawberry blonde hair color you join the group of people who wear the rarest hair shade

Besides the fact that strawberry blonde combines red and blonde, it help shave the years off your appearance. Not that many women can boast of having this natural hair hue, but honey blonde can be created with just few strokes of the brush.

A Few Facts about Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

How to preserve your hair color?

Some hair shades need more care than others. If you choose the color that matches your natural palette, you will not have to color it again too often. But in case you wear, for instance, dyed dark strawberry blonde hair color on natural light blown, be ready to protect your hair against fading and the sun. Pick shampoos that are intended to take care of colored hair and maintain your perfect shade!

A Few Facts about Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

 How to Get Strawberry Blonde Hair At Home

Best Strawberry Blond Hair Colors

We have made for you a selection of the best Strawberry Blond Hair colors, check it:
L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Color + Shine System, 9GR Light Golden Reddish Blonde Review
Customer review:

I used the Loreal paris superior preference Medium ash brown on my hair , before applying the dye my hair was very washed out looking from previously putting on nice and easy light ash brown which didnt last long and left it dull and with a orange tint :/ after using this my hair is finnly back to my natural medium brown hair color. It does still have a hint of red when the light hits it which is to be expected I suppose that happens with all brown shades. the ash did take out of orange tint and made it very natural. It did not damage my hair as a matter of fact it feels healthier for some reason.

I was thinking my hair was rough from my hard water and wonder if this dye removed the mineral build up from my hair lol because it is so much smoother. I just started using the Lorial cleansing conditioner and love it and I think it will make this color stay in my hair alott longer than if I were to be using my old tresseme with the sulfates in it. Anyway very true to the box color and very natural and undamaging hair dye 😉

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy, 8SC Sandy Copper Blonde
Customer review:

I’m a redhead naturally so the color came out a little more red than blonde on me. So it was a little darker than the picture on the box. However, it is one of the most natural looking colors I’ve ever used. It gives you great bronze highlights!

Schwarzkopf Ultime Hair Color Cream

Customer review:

My natural strawberry blonde turned into a more really dark drab blonde in the past few years so when I saw this color I thought it was gorgeous, not like my natural but a prettier version. My first time using it my dark blonde hair wasnt light enough and the dye didnt stick, which was my fault because I used it on hair that was too dark. In the sun you could see a reddish glint but that was about it. Well I had since had my hair lightened to a level 9 lightness since the box number says 9 as the hair stylist I saw pointed out and I just used this dye again today and it worked perfectly! its the exact color on the box!

So I would just be careful about how dark your hair is before you use it, it will lift some pigment but it looked more yellow the first try and now the second time around its absolutely perfect. As far as how long it lasts im not sure yet, my first failed attempt it seemed to last a while but since the color didnt fully stick to my dark hair all I can really say for sure is that the reddish copper shine in the sun never went away. Its a plus that the smell isnt strong either, it smells nice, kind of like sour candy?