Red and Black Hair Color Ideas

Red and Black Hair Color Ideas

Coloring is one of aspects in hairstyling that allows revealing new ideas every time girls want to change something in their appearance.

As for red and black hair color, it requires definite personal traits from a person to wear it. While black is considered an exotic color, red is thought to be a hue of passion and boldness. When taking black color as a basic one, a variety of red shades alongside with different methods of its application help create a unique image everyone will surely enjoy.

Sometimes spicing up black color with scorching red highlights may seem a scary experience, that’s why one needs to take a look at ready ideas which can be used as they are or modified in accordance with preferences of the lady.

Two-tone hair is number one option for women whose common black hair looks too common. Even a slight infusion or red – from cupper to crimson palette – will be a right way to leave your dark side and come up with new looks. Actually, when it comes to red and black hair color ideas, there are not as many basic methods to alternate. However, even a subtle variation in color shades can do its part.

Red and Black Hair Color Ideas


As we’ve said, carrying red color is not an easy thing. Moreover, there are many variations of red color for you to create your personal image. You can choose cooper, crimson, maroon or orange-red. The techniques of applying red dye also differ. Of course, you are not supposed to dye all hair to look fabulous. On the tips of your hair you may apply such tints as red-pink or cherry red. And don’t forget about highlights. For them you can pick practically all shades of red, you can have your hair dyed in super thin or wider strands. In a word, be creative.

Peek-a-Boo Red Strands on Black Color

Peek-a-boo hairstyle is drawing attention by itself. If you add gentle cooper or cherry color highlights, imagine the reaction of people around. A head burn is guaranteed. Here are some ideas on how to achieve black and red hair color. In case you wear a fringe, you can paint thin strands of your hair depending on what you want. If you have no fringe, you can create one with front hair streaks colored in one of red tints or dye one side of your hair in the front or all over one side (it’s up to you).

Even if you can’t decide on the colors to use for your highlights, it’s not a problem. Use multi-tonal coloring. For instance, mix few red tints and apply them for your hair strands in a certain order or add some blonde color to achieve black hair with red and blonde highlights. No matter what shades or coloring method you pick, just remember to preserve newly dyed red color locks. Red color fades faster than others, that’s why use shampoo and conditioner with ‘color-enhancing’ mark on the label. You can even ask for a red dye with brown tones so that when red comes off, it is not that distinctly.

Red and Black Hair Color Ideas

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