Pink Little Girls Dresses

Pink Little Girls Dresses

Every time you enter baby shops, be ready to see all clothes visually divided into 2 sections – pink for girls and blue for boys. However, color decision by gender has not been the case till recent times. Up to the 20th century newborns (both girls and boys) were dressed into neutral white clothes.

In the beginning of the 20th century traditions changed, and people started to buy blue things for baby girls because they looked more feminine in this color and pink ones for baby boys. Although some parents were against these gender stamps, soon preferences shifted once again. Now baby girls’ clothes are available in bright and pastel hues, but pink dresses for girls still remain the leading trend in fashion industry.

People pay so much attention to color that other practical factors appear to be out of value. Cuteness is fine but it is worth considering comfort of your baby as well.


Textile of clothes is probably the most important comfort matter. It performs not only aesthetic function but also helps regulate body temperature and keep your toddler satisfied. It is crucial to choose natural fabrics like cotton that will be contacting the skin softly. Frilly pink dresses for little girls look fancy, however, they may be inconvenient for a long-lasting wear.


Pink Little Girls DressesOf course, one-piece cotton suits on babies are not appropriate piece of clothing for a holiday. You had better pick one of pastel or pink princess dresses for girls for that occasion. But onesies work well for everyday life. They can be easily dressed on your baby and undressed thanks to a simple and comfortable cut.

Popular dress styles for baby girls

Nowadays manufactures offer a variety of dresses for little girls in terms of color, style and cut. Whatever they say, pink color together with classical styles remains in demand. If you are looking for baby garment to fit special occasion, consider elegant and traditional pink party dresses for little girls. As a rule, these are sleeveless pink satin light dresses with hat or bonnet.

They have a cute waistline band decorated with a soft flower. They are conventionally worn in spring and early summer.

One more popular trend in pink party dresses for girls is princess gowns. If you imagine your little girl a princess from Disney cartoons, make sure there is at least one little princess dress in wardrobe of your kid. Created in a fairy pink and embroidered with lace, ribbons and flowers, it is an ideal choice for a party wear.

Once your baby grows up, she will want some hot pink dresses for girls in addition to delicate and cute garments. Just leave it up to her and let her display the best of her infantile age.