TOP easy dress patterns for women

In case you are looking for a fresh idea to sew or crocket a nice dress, you are on a right way. The Internet offers various dress solutions for every taste and occasion. I’ve browsed the web to discover TOP dress patterns for women. Here is what we get.

TOP easy dress patterns for women

Quick dress. This option will suit a newbie in handmade domain and requires low skills. You can either resize already existing dress or make it look better choosing one of below listed hints:

  • Shorten a skirt/make it longer
  • Decorate a top with some embroidery
  • Fix a lining
  • Make a skirt look brand-new with slit

Basic dress. This easy dress pattern also works well for people with no or minimum experience who want to make something brilliant with just a piece of fabric and decoration. The instructions for a dress are pretty fair, but the result will be surprisingly charming. Depending on the fabric type you use, this minimalist dress can look either casual or formal.

TOP easy dress patterns for women

T-shirt into a dress. One more idea for girls who would like to design summer dress patterns for women with almost nothing is remodeling such a versatile piece in your wardrobe as t-shirt. All you need is to prepare the set of basic stuff: scissors, needle, thread, t-shirt, chalk or pencil. Cut the front and the back collar of the t-shirt. Then cut the sleeve under arms and make straps. In the end your pattern should look like the one below.

Charming dress with crochet elements. Even the simplest dress gains new look with unique and original crochet top or skirt. Crochet dress pattern for women will never be similar to other kinds because of a variety of crocheting designs and individual dressmaking style. One of suggestions for your consideration is crochet top with skirt from contrasting or matching colored fabric sewn together in an original way, with our without a waistband.

Tunic sundress. Crochet dress patterns for women allow everyone revealing their creativity and help ladies of all age categories alternate in wearing styles. As for summer season, beach cover up or tunic crochet dress (like on the picture below) can be worn with shorts or leggings. It can also be worn separately with swimsuit or if made longer.

Fabric and crochet dresses can be a good solution for women of any bodily constitution and lifestyle. They can be flirty or official, varicolored or restrained. And the most important thing is that free crochet dress patterns for women can be easily found on blogs, in online shops or on webpages. Don’t worry to use somebody else’s idea. Be sure to make it original with few decorative elements.

TOP easy dress patterns for women

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