TOP vintage trends for women

When talking about retro dresses, the first prominent era of fashion trends coming to mind is traced back to the ‘50s. This period embraces the manufacturing of the most feminine and good-looking close-fitting dresses. Afterwards fashion designers will be getting back to these dressing patterns to resurrect retro traditions in a new epoch. The good thing about ‘50s dresses is that they can be in abundance at all online and offline boutiques.

TOP vintage trends for women

The pioneers in now vintage feminine fashion are well-known Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Jacques Fath and others. And the country that has brought these nice vintage style dresses for women is, surely, France.

Some of distinguishing touches on retro dresses are:

  • A-line dresses with accent on waist
  • Circle varicolored skirts
  • Knit tops
  • Princess evening dress

1. New look dress trend. Such piece of female clothing is aimed at making woman’s body look as an hourglass. It belongs to tight-fitting to bodice and waist dresses. They often required wearing body-shaper or corset to fit normally. New look dress gets its name after Christian Dior’s fashion collection under the same title ‘New look’. However, narrow and flared dresses would not be popular till late ‘50s as women still preferred shouldered and broad gowns.

TOP vintage trends for women

2. Polka dot dress trend. This kind of vintage dresses for women is one of the most popular and must-have dresses for each lady nowadays. Dotted elements can be often seen on a separate item of wardrobe (top, skirt, hat) and it’s also because of Christian Dior’s influence. Like previous trend, polka dress is designed to accentuate a waist and make a woman look flirty. Its classical pattern involves white dots on a dark background with a waistband and a flared bottom.

3. ‘50s evening dress trend. Traditions have not changed that much since those times. As for vintage lace dresses for women, they were often thought to be worn after 5 pm and looked a little fancier than normal day garments. For that purpose women would choose one of few unique styles embroidered with sequin or neat lace.

4. ‘50s prom dress trend. Traditional intricate prom dresses we can see today at each occasion were first popular among American teens.

TOP vintage trends for women

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